Morning Bondi is the photo diary of Amaury Tréguer, a French photographer from Paris who made Bondi Beach his home since September 2010. Amaury never misses a morning down the beach – everyday of the year he wakes up at 5:30am to exercise with his friends and capture the essence of Bondi with his camera. His pictures focus on Bondi’s beautiful sunrises, local characters and any other interesting events and activities that cross his path. “Bondi Beach is such a cool and vibrant place to live and there is always something happening, even at 6 am,” he says.

“Basically, I started training down on the beach three years ago to prepare for an obstacle course and every morning I would take photos of the sunrise with my phone and share it on Facebook with my friends. After noticing that my friends were actually sharing the photos with other friends, I decided to start the Morning Bondi Facebook Page.”

Today, Morning Bondi has thousands of fans from Australia and further afield, keen to receive their daily dose of beautiful Bondi photos and Amaury’s morning  anecdotes.

Since starting Morning Bondi, Amaury and his photos have been featured on the official blog of the City of Sydney and Destination NSW, on Tourism Australia’s social channels and in The Beast magazine. Some of his best photos were projected on the Sydney Opera House for Vivid Festival, and he has worked on collaborations with brands like Nike, Toshiba, Kaloea bikinis and Gili’s swimwear, with more opportunities in the pipeline. 

Amaury lives and breathes everything Bondi. When asked if he would ever go back to Paris or live anywhere else, he replies: “For now, I’m way too happy here. Try a Morning Bondi session with me and you will understand why.”