Morning people,

How is everyone today? After two days of heavy rain it seems that this morning is going to be alright for the next few hours so wake-up and make the most out of it as the rain is back early afternoon. Personally, I'm going to visit the big Swedish this morning (and I'm not talking about my mate Magnus) but IKEA. ;( 

For the highlight of this short week, definitely the announcement of the creation of Morning Dubai. That's right Morning Bondi expands... A friend of mine who lives in the City of Gold has decided to start Morning Dubai on Instagram. Follow him, he needs your support: Shรบkran! (Thank you in Arabic)

Here are the photos...

Mateship at the Bergs (27.04.2015)

Mateship at the Bergs (27.04.2015)

Yew!! (28.04.2015)

Yew!! (28.04.2015)

How scary! These fins followed me all morning.   ๐Ÿ˜ (29.04.2015)

How scary! These fins followed me all morning. ๐Ÿ˜ (29.04.2015)

That's it for this week...

Have a lovely weekend,

Amaury aka Morning Bondi