I have always loved Kombucha but have recently been seeing it pop up everywhere from the Bondi Farmers Markets, in bottles at health food stores and even kombucha on tap! Many people have been asking me questions about what exactly is kombucha, is it good for us and is it a superfood?

Kombucha tea is a fermented drink which has recently become very trendy but has been traditionally known as the ‘elixir of health’ for centuries in many countries around the world. 

Kombucha contains a special blend of good bacteria and yeasts, known as probiotics and is made by fermenting these with tea leaves, water and sugar. Fear not – the sugar is consumed by the good bacteria and does not remain in the final product. Fruits may be added in the secondary fermentation phase, resulting in a delicious taste (my personal fave is vanilla and rose!) 

Kombucha tea is easy to make at home and is very safe if prepared according to directions. Kombucha is consumed as a cold drink to ensure the survival of its beneficial enzymes, microorganisms and vitamins.

The many health benefits of Kombucha tea means that it certainly earns it place as a ‘superfood’ and is an easy way to get more fermented foods in your diet (without having to compromise on taste!) Health benefits include: improved digestion and gut health (including fighting candida); immune boosting; prevention and treatment of joint issues (including arthritis), increased collagen (read: less wrinkles!); improved liver detoxification and also contains particularly high levels of B-vitamins and antioxidants.




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