Oh dear, it does. Yes sometimes the sound stops. Yes, unwillingly it stops. We want it to keep going but at times, when you least expect - the sound stops.

It leaves only you, in your raw fragile human nature. Yes, raw, with indescribable feelings, with untouchable necessities, it leaves you alone, exposed & solitary.

As I write this the sound is off, silence surrounds me, no sound, just me my head & my phone. I desire the unexpected miracle of meaningful living, because life has been given, living is a choice. I desire wisdom, not man given but Devine imparted to my soul. Wisdom so incredible that gives none but the will of living. Wisdom so amazing that compels me love my neighbour, that teaches me selflessness, that can make the world a better place.

When the sounds stops, and trust me it does, take yourself to the place of happiness, take it back to your soul, take the soul back to the sound.  

In life some of us make music, others only play it, but if music was life itself, I'd say you have your own, turn it into a living sound & sound of life it will be.  

The Crew


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