the captain

Captain can you sail away? Can you take us to the place where dreams are  fulfilled, where life becomes living, where just existing is an unthinkable act of madness ? That place Captain, the place we do not know! Can you?

The Journey of us all, indivualy collective, with a purpose yet to be discovered. We run, we fight, we believe, we give up. Where to go, but wait, shouldn't we stay? So many questions, so much noise, so many problems. Wait a second, do we really need this? Do we really need to strive by making living so hard? Is what we want or what we need that really matters? We've made it hard to exist, purely because we can't line up what we need with what we want.

It sounds simple, but it's not. Life is daily exercise of renewing your mind, removing the bad & doing good! is all about that! Let's make it real, lets choose to live according to what we need, according to what we love, lead by compassion, delivering Grace. 

We dare you to do good, we dare you to be kind, we dare you to live, we dare you to love, we dare you to be happy, we dare you to find that place, we dare you Captain. 


Much love from The Crew

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Photo by @morningbondi