Hi, welcome. This is me. I’m Cate and I need to admit something before you read further. I don’t live in Bondi. Please don't hold that against me. I’m really nice, promise. I moved to Manly (on the other side of the harbour bridge) about a month ago. Up until that point, I had only dreamed of living in a beachside suburb. I’m a big dreamer. Sometimes I think I spend more times in dreams than I do in reality. But that’s another story.

I got to know @ilovebondi through Instagram. What an amazing community of people loving, engaging with and inspiring each other. I love it. It’s so different to what I see and hear and feel in so many other areas of my life. And I don’t care if people think i’m crazy. I’m really fine with crazy.

I am a weird mix of introvert and extrovert. I love photos. And I really love editing them. I love how they make me feel. I love when they give me goosebumps, or they calm my stormy mind. I love when a photo has attitude and doesn’t surrender to my edit. And then just like that, it could be minutes later or weeks, I crack it. And I love even more what it has become. With a photo I can communicate so much without saying a word. I love it simple. And stripped back. And bare. Because life is becoming so NOT simple. And stripped back. And bare. And I am determined not to get pulled into that web of destruction. I have always been one to stay a little on the edge of mainstream expectations. I can’t think of anything worse than living a life someone else wants me to live.

By day I am (a dreamer) and a Communications Manager. I manage a team of Creative souls. Legends they are.

But my heart really lies in being able to express to others what I bear in my soul. I do this because I hear time and time again how much people value it when I, and others are simple. And stripped back. And bare. Funny that the way the world is headed is not where a lot of humanity long to go or long to be.

This is just the beginning of a new journey for me. My desire is to be as honest and open about me, my life, what I learn, what I fight, what I dream. And my hope is that something I write or post inspires you, encourages you. Makes you feel like you’re not alone. I’ll make sure I post a picture of a nice beach every now and then too.

I would love to get to know you guys, I’m open to hearing from you and if you think of anything you would like me to write about/questions you would like me to answer (within reason!), please let me know. You can either comment below or my contact details are at the end of this blog.

Being creative to me, fills me up. Keeps me on fire. Makes me long for something bigger and better. Gives me peace. Helps me to make sense of the planet. Gives me a voice amidst chaos. For when I cannot express myself, there is nothing left for me in this world.

peace+love x


Cate is a special blogger for I Love Bondi

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